Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's video time, it's video time. Won't you have some video of mine?

in honor of the quasi-new Pokemon game coming out tommorrow, i give you a bunch of classic pokemon goodness wrapped up in a song

she deserved it

Let God release you on a payment plan

How do you survive in a crowd of black people? Bucket of fried chicken duh!

As usual a different perspective makes things look far more amazing.

Sadly, I don't think I've ever been this excited, . . . about anything.

poetry of reality

Dear Christianity, This is why people hate you. Sincerely, Me.

The list of people that are way cooler than me seems to grow bigger and bigger each day.

A very simple and elegant explanation of a beautiful theory

I hope you weren't eating.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

oh toad, how did it get like this?

at first i was like "wtf" but then i was all "lol"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

worst music videos ever?

i'll let you decide which one is worse . . .now to boil some water, and wash my eyes. do they even make water hot enough? *sob*

there are no words . . .

this one could go either way, awesome or awful? i for one can find no fault in Mr. Nimoy. But the retard dance those girls are doing just ruins it for me, are they imitating hobbits? down syndrome children? hobbit children with down syndrome? what the hell is that?!?!

here is your judge of talent america. god help us all

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

screw college, this is what i want to do for the rest of my life

no matter how many times i see someone do one of these it always amazes me with how well it turns out.

my new best friend


this is going to be a long one. . .thats what she said.

ok haven't updated in a while. so this should be quite a ride.

had i actually seen this while watching tv i'm afraid i wouldn't have a tv anymore . . .because much like my brain it would have imploded from an overload of AWESOME!

i'm not usually an "anime" fan, but i think i could stand this. on a related issue, why haven't we figured out how to shoot armored people like missiles yet?

although i'm pretty sure i'd end up dead or dang near close, this is something i wouldn't hesitate doing. . .well maybe i'd hesitate a little

i wish my highschool orchestra would have done this. i wasn't in orchestra or anything it just would have been nice. lots more "orchestrated" hits on youtube if anybody cares

and while we're on a musical theme, i love remixes

one of the best commercials i've seen in a long time, i laugh everytime 0:45 hits

BRILLIANT . . .for those of you who didn't listen to the morning edge, this was part of a bit by the great Chuck Powell. it was called "last character standing" and i was sad to see it go when Chuck was fired to be replace with a cheaper show from california done by the inferior Adam Corolla (if i spelled his last name wrong i don't care, he sucks)

while the vortex cannon is pretty cool, it isn't why i put this video up here. it's because the host of whatever show this is gets WAY to excited about a blast of air that, if we're really honest with ourselves, doesn't do much of anything.

and its official, this is the worst cover in the history of music. (my prayer tonight is that this song is a not so well played joke)

50 thousand watts . . . i suggest not watching the whole thing.

semi-impressive, but i have a feeling this is pretty much what that new show glee is like, and also why i will never watch it.

very cool to be able to visualize my favorite classical song

ever want a robot to experience the full range of human emotions? put him on a roller-coaster

more to come

Thursday, July 2, 2009

kinda want to make one of these. . .ambitious yes, plausible probably not.

still better than transformers 2

this was posted december of 2007, why have i not seen this until now?