Thursday, September 17, 2009

worst music videos ever?

i'll let you decide which one is worse . . .now to boil some water, and wash my eyes. do they even make water hot enough? *sob*

there are no words . . .

this one could go either way, awesome or awful? i for one can find no fault in Mr. Nimoy. But the retard dance those girls are doing just ruins it for me, are they imitating hobbits? down syndrome children? hobbit children with down syndrome? what the hell is that?!?!

here is your judge of talent america. god help us all


Jeremiah and Heidi said...

Hahaha! I think the first one is hilarious!!! The sad thing now it that that song is stuck in my head. Plus they have killer dance moves!

Sophie said...

the first once was my favorite for sure. The last one I for some reason couldnt stop watching and it was the worst.